Monday, September 03, 2012

Bachelor Pad: Episode #7

It's Labour Day, so I've given the guy who writes the normal pre-amble to the running diary the day off.  I'm a great boss like that.

7:57: Kalon's gone, Erica's gone, Stags is gone.  Among the remaining cast members are Despondent Rachel and a possible mute.  Who's going to provide the entertainment now?

8:01 Nick The Mute speaks!

8:02: Who decides on the champagne toast-giver?  Why did Chris get to do it this episode?  Is it because he won the spelling bee challenge last week?

8:03: Nick The Mute speaks again!  Also, it seems like Nick has spent some time under the sun.

8:04: Blakely on Chris: "He is a good game-player.  But he's also conniving and a liar."  Isn't that what normally makes someone a good "game-player"?

8:05: Tony's breaking out the stylish beater today.

8:07: Speaking of Tony's wardrobe, Dave Jacoby of the Grantland Reality Fantasy League raised a good question during last week's episode: Why was Tony in an outfit befitting a figure skater?

8:09: Trapeze time!

8:10: Tony has unfortunate fashion choices.

8:11: Nick The Mute has a personality!

8:12: Gotta be Donna!

8:15: "Sarah's TV watching is definitely paying off."

8:18: I'd be lying if I said I'm not jealous of Sarah's Bachelor/ette/Pad knowledge.

8:23: Someone call the NRA - Rachel is putting on a gun show.

8:24: Nick is making up for lost time - he's spoken more this episode than all previous episodes.

8:25: For those counting at home, that's three mentions of Tony's son tonight, and we're only 25 minutes in.  This is clearly the drinking game for this episode.

8:30: Another mention of Tony's son: drink!

8:31: Solid speech by Chris, though.

8:32: Ed showing some man-tears.

8:33: If you're playing the drinking game, you'd be drunk by now.

8:34: Just because you need the money the most, Blakely, doesn't mean you deserve the money the most.  There's a jump in logic there.

8:39: Is Nick sorta going bald, or is that just me?

8:41: I feel like they're putting Nick's interviews on the show simply because there's nobody else left.

8:50: What the hell?  Glee isn't on ABC.

8:51: Brad the Glee pianist!

8:52: Why does everyone on the show keep on pronouncing the "G" in "singer"?  It's driving me insane.

8:55: Motorin'!

9:10: Rachel isn't that bad.

9:12: Nick!  On his knees!  Who is this guy?!

9:14: This is not going well.

9:16: Some epic audience shots.

9:23: You gotta give credit to Sarah for not holding back.  That's about all I'm going to give her credit for.

9:26: "Pitchy"?  Who are you guys, Randy Jackson?  This isn't exactly American Idol here, guys.

9:28: Again, why are there two roses with stems?  Where is the man-rose?

9:30: Nick and Rachel have to pick Chris and Sarah, right?  There's no way that they can pick Jaclyn and Ed, right?

9:31: The Kelly Clarkson concert I went to last week was much better than this.  I'm just sayin'.

9:38: It's gotta be Chris and Sarah.

9:39: Who is this guy?  Nick is totally breaking out of his shell.

9:40: For the record, I would totally sell out one of my friends that I met on a reality show for a guaranteed shot at $250,000.

9:41: As always, solid background music choice by the editors.

9:46: I love how Jaclyn thinks that choosing Sarah and Chris would reflect on how Rachel feels about her.  Um, maybe the $250,000 has something to do with it.  Just a wild guess.

9:48: Jaclyn is a total drama queen.  Why does everything have to be about her?

9:49: Separate limos for Jaclyn and Ed.

9:52: I've had just about enough of Jaclyn.

9:53: #ChrisHarrisonShockedFace

9:54: Jamie!  The FMC returns!

9:57: The finale looks interesting, to put it mildly.

10:00: One more episode to go!  Motorin'!

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