Monday, March 05, 2012

Bachelor Episode #10: Live Running Diary

Can you believe my friend Stephe had the audacity to suggest we go for drinks after work today, the day of The Women Tell All?  I, of course, had to respond with my usual "It's Bachelor night...Chan has priorities."

And if I wasn't excited enough already about The Women Tell All and once again being reunited with FMC Casey (I am going to blissfully ignore this article that G-Unit e-mailed to me recently), one of the producers from The Bachelor just sent out this Tweet.  I'm excited super-excited uber-excited giddy for tonight.

6:28: I almost had a nervous breakdown when I turned on my TV this morning to listen to some CNBC while I was getting ready for work and the cable box wasn't working.  The only thought that went through my head as this was happening was, "Bachelor tonight!  Bachelor tonight!"  It wasn't even a full sentence.  Just a two word fire alarm going off in my head.  Fortunately, the crisis has been averted...for now.

7:30: Remember the venomous reaction that Shawntel received when she showed up on the show?  Who will the women hate more - Shawntel or Courtney The Model (CTM)?  I'm going with CTM in a landslide.  If the women already hated CTM, imagine how they're going to feel once they watch CTM's interview segments.

7:51: Does anyone else follow Chris Harrison on Twitter?  Does anyone else get bombarded by Twitter with suggestions to follow various Bachelor/ette/Pad alum?  No?  Maybe it's just me then...

7:52: There's a 50/50 chance that tonight will be the highlight of my week.  That's a function of both my unexciting life and how much I love this show.

8:00: CTM is here!  AMAZING!

8:01: Yes, that really does deserve capital letters.

8:01: You're damn right you're going to give Chris Harrrison a standing ovation.  Best TV host ever.

8:04: Ryan P and the water heater - a trip down memory lane!

8:05: Ali!  I miss Ali.

8:06: There are unconfirmed reports that I sat on my couch with a huge grin on my face as I saw Frank and Ali reconnect.

8:07: Bachelor Pad!  I'm so excited, and there's still at least four months to go until that hits this summer.

8:09: I just realized that Emily's season of The Bachelorette is going to seem like a snooze-fest compared to this season of The Bachelor.  But no matter what happens, it'll still be better than Ashley's season of insecurity.

8:12: Jamie!!

8:13: Casey!!!

8:13: Nicki!

8:14: The number of exclamation marks is directly proportional to how much I enjoyed each person.

8:16: Jamie!!  Awkward Kissing Jamie!!

8:18: Samantha's voice is a lot more whiny and screechy than I remember.

8:19: Is Samantha still drunk from the episode when she got kicked off the show?

8:20: Chihuahua comment for the win!  Props to Brittney.

8:25: It seems some of the ladies still don't like Shawntel.

8:27: Shawntel and Lindzi should star in a double season of The Bachelorette, and they'll call it Bachelorettes: Two Women Who Wished Their Parents Could Spell.

8:31: Why is Erica wearing a ring on her ring finger?

8:32: Emily's boobs are mesmerizing in that dress.  Just goes to show, bigger isn't necessarily better.

8:36: I can't believe that there's only a bit more than an hour of this magical episode left tonight.

8:37: I just realized that there have not been any preview clips of Casey talking about her departure tonight.  This upsets me.

8:39: I didn't realize that CTM gave Emily a look after receiving the final rose when she was sent home.  Wow.

8:42: Chris Harrison is awesome.

8:43: I find it endearing that Kacie and Nicki are clearly good friends from the way that they look at each other.  I think that's swell.

8:44: I just remembered CTM's only friend in the house was Casey.  Maybe they're saving Casey for that segment?  I'm not sure I can handle my girl defending CTM.

8:48: Nicki just sat down and hasn't said a word, and she already sounds emotional just from her sigh.

8:50: The audience just clapped at the conclusion of the Nicki's clip, which ended with her in tears.  That's probably not an appropriate time to clap, people.  There's no obligation to clap at the end of everything.

8:53: Finally, one of the bachelorettes says that they wouldn't ask Ben what she did wrong since she was just herself.  It's about time that these women keep assuming that they did something wrong if Ben sent them home.  You're not a perfect match for every single person.  Sometimes, two people just aren't right for each other, and there's nothing that anybody did "wrong".  I have female friends who I think are great people, but I would never date because it's just not meant to be (and I'm sure many of them feel the same way about me!). Good job, Nicki.  Way to not play the "It must be my fault" card.  That in itself is as much of a turn-on for me as anything that's been done on the show (not including anything related to Casey obviously).

8:58: Kacie looked like a girl when she emerged from the limo in the premiere.  She looks a lot more mature now.

8:59: I just want to point out that the Kacie's limo driver changed lanes without signalling.  By the way, who pays the fine if the limo driver gets a ticket?  The limo driver?  The show?  The person in the back of the limo?  The camera guy in the limo?  The limo company?  Is the limo owned by ABC or do they outsource the limo?  These are the things I think about.

9:01: "You flew halfway around the world to Belize."  Chris Harrison, you're awesome, but don't make it sound like Kacie paid for her ticket when the show clearly did.

9:04: Oh wow, a backstage shot of CTM pacing.  They're bringing out all the stops tonight.

9:07: S*** is about to get real.

9:07: I liked that Nicki mimicked CTM's pouty lip move.

9:09: I liked that all the girls did the black spider widow clap at the same time at the end of the montage.

9:10: Casey looks like she wants to say something in defense of CTM...

9:11: Casey!!! She speaks!!!

9:15: I'm not sure what it says about me, but my two favorite ladies from the show are Casey and Jamie, who have both tried to defend CTM tonight.  Does that mean I'm attracted to girls with good hearts who try to see the best in people?  Or does that mean I like completely naive girls?

9:19: This is going to be good.

9:20: "The women are understandably...pissed."  As always, Chris Harrison is awesome.

9:25: Emily just killed it.

9:26: This is the greatest show on television.

9:31: Emily's questions and the way she presents herself is on such a higher and more intelligent level than anyone else right now.

9:35: I'm not sure what was going on there.  Either Courtney was real, or Courtney deserves an Emmy.

9:36: It was interesting to see CTM zone out during Blakely's attempt at an olive branch, and then five seconds later, break down into tears.  Was she zoning out because she knew she was about lose it, or was she just using that time to make herself cry?  You tell me.

9:37: During her breakdown, CTM also apologized for the way she hurt Ben.  Possible spoiler alert?

9:38: The reception that Ben received from the ladies wasn't exactly warm.  Perhaps they're all a bit turned off after seeing Ben with CTM every week, plus the skinnydipping shenanigans that they didn't know happened.

9:39: Jennifer does not think highly of Blakely.  Blakely was not a fan of that.

9:42: Casey is just so damn sweet.

9:43: Did Jamie just do that?  Yes, yes she did.

9:46: I can't believe we're not getting a Casey update.  I'm upset.

9:51: Ben just mentioned "the love he has" for CTM.  That's not foreshadowing at all.

9:52: Nicki's face in the picture-in-picture said it all.

9:52: I can't believe that Ben used the words "nurturing" and "understanding" to describe CTM.  Those might actually be the last two adjectives in the English language I would use to describe her.

9:53: The picture-in-picture of Nicki, Kacie, and Emily's faces during Lindzi's video montage screamed "I wish I had that".  And by "that", I mean the strong connection/relationship with someone, not Ben himself.

9:55: "Most controversial season finale of The Bachelor" = "Ben chooses Courtney".

10:00: Jenna embraces her meltdown.  That's kind of funny.

10:01: Monica with the line of the night.  And on that note, this awesome two hours of television comes to a close.  Is anyone convinced that Ben doesn't choose Courtney at this point?  Not that I would ever not watch even if I knew the outcome...

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