Monday, August 06, 2012

Bachelor Pad: Episode #3

I just watched the magnificent yet controversial Canada-USA Olympic women's semifinal soccer game, and three thoughts lingered with me:

1) What an amazing game.
2) The ref was absolutely horrific.
3) There is an FMC on the Canadian women's soccer team.  My goodness, is there ever an FMC on the team.

Every time #10 entered my television screen, I swooned.  This was one of the rare times that I regretted not having HD channels.  But you know what would be crystal clear?  A Google search, which led me to officially nominate Lauren Sesselmann as an FMC.  Oh, I'm sorry, that's just her Canadian Soccer Association bio.  I wonder what her Twitter picture looks like.  Double swoon.  And let's not pretend like I didn't do a Google image search for her...

On that note, I'm revved up for tonight's Bachelor Pad.  And Lauren Sesselmann has set the tone for what an FMC should be.  Jamie, it's time for you to step up your game.  No more pining for Chris.  You're so much better than that.

7:12: Triple swoon.  OK, I swear.  That's it.  No more Lauren Chan Sesselmann talk for the rest of the night.  Let's focus on what's important - watching the glorious television that is Bachelor Pad.

8:00: Obstacle course!

8:04: Ed just wants to party.

8:06: Jamie!  I'd be lying if I said I didn't still swoon for her.

8:10: This challenge makes me hungry.

8:11: Tremendous use of the word "nutsack".

8:12: Jamie, you are not "stuck" with Ed.  You get the privilege of being on Ed's team.

8:13: Oh Kalon.

8:14: Is anyone else giggling every time they say "nutsack"?

8:15: OK, Jamie.  Maybe you had a point.

8:25: Blakely and Jamie on the same date?  Yes, please.

8:30: I want to know why Jamie didn't go to prom.

8:31: Did Blakely really just call Jamie stupid?  So just to be clear, the former VIP cocktail waitress questioned someone else's intelligence.  OK then.

8:39: Jamie, I could learn to love country music.

8:42: Ed having sex is way more entertaining than it should be.

8:45: JAMIE!!!

8:46: It's nice that Jamie is the prom queen.

8:47: Great job as always by the editing staff, this time with the cutaways between the music, Jamie and David dancing, and the Blakely/Erica conversation in the car.  It's the little things that make this show fantastic.

8:52: Totally forgot that Nick was still on this show.

8:53: Tony - "I think I deserve this rose because I'm playing for my son."  This makes no sense.  Is your son also Rachel's son?  No.

8:55: Chris Harrison deserves an Emmy.

8:57: Jamie is a tragic figure.

8:58: Jamie makes my heart hurt.

9:06: I enjoyed the completely unnecessary pause and music buildup to Stags getting the rose, like there was actual drama.

9:07: I'm still confused as to why Tony thinks he deserved the rose tonight.

9:17: Reid is not a very good liar.

9:26: If Blakely isn't going home tonight, then who is?

9:29: I dub thee Nick and Donna, Nonna.  Better than the alternative, right?

9:31: It does not surprise me that Kalon enjoys being the puppet master.

9:35: I love that Reid says that "they" have hard feelings over Jillian.  By "they", I'm pretty sure he means him.  I don't think Ed holds any hard feelings over Jillian since, ya know, Jillian chose him over Reid.

9:37: Why does Reid always have that smirk on his face?

9:43: If Sarah sends Ed home, it'll be because she's upset that Ed hooked up with Jaclyn after hooking up with her, not because "Reid is a strong leader".  Like, c'mon.  What kind of ridiculous rationale is that?  "I came on Bachelor Pad so I could follow a strong leader."  Please.

9:47: Blakely, that implies you're not already a trainwreck.

9:49: Tony deserved that rose because he has a son.

9:50: I like that David is congratulating each of the women when giving out the rose.  You can tell he's enjoying just being on the show.

9:51: I look forward to the Ed/Reid farewell exchange.

9:53: Nonna was so short-lived.

9:55: From next week's preview, I'm liking this Axis of Evil between Kalon and Chris.

9:57: Not only did I watch and live blog Bachelor Pad over the last two hours, I also successfully executed a trade in one of my fantasy baseball leagues during the commercial breaks.  Multi-tasking at its finest.

10:00: Wasn't there a rat issue last season as well?


  1. My love for Chris Harrison has grown! He tweeted that he was going to invite the Norwegian women's soccer referee to the Bachelor Pad and partner her with Ed as payback for her questionable calls.

  2. That's because Chris Harrison is awesome.


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