Sunday, January 22, 2012

I courageously wrote this blog post

I was watching the Golden Globes last weekend - the only awards show I try to watch because booze is flowing and it's a lot more casual, plus we don't get stuck with awards that nobody really cares about like "Best Sound Editing" - and I noticed an emerging theme.

Actors and directors kept on thanking people for their 'bravery" and "courage".

Now, I totally respect what actors do, and I would never be able to do it.  You can tell me about their "stunning transformation" into character.  Commend them for their "mesmerizing portrayal" in a biography.  Compliment their ability to "embody the heart and spirit of the film".  But please, don't tell me they're brave and courageous.  You're not going to war.  And playing a soldier doesn't count.

But it got even more absurd as the night went on, leading to this Tweet that summarizes everything I would ever want to say on this topic:

Hollywood, stop it with the "courage" and "bravery".  Just stop it.

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