Monday, July 16, 2012

The Bachelorette: Men Tell All

Tonight should be interesting, as there were a lot of personalities this season that could be entertaining: absurdly nice but awkward Doug, insane Chris, I-Am-The-Man-And-You-Are-The-Woman Ryan, flaunting Kalon, and of course Sean The Cyborg Specially Designed For The Bachelorette.  Hopefully tonight doesn't turn into a two hour bromance among the guys...actually, I take that back since that would be kind of awesome to watch too.
Here's a quick theory about what happened last week, and what will happen in the season finale on Sunday. If you recall, Emily was very emotional when watching the videos that the three remaining guys made for her. However, the only video she actually shed a tear for was Jef With One F's.  Why did she only cry for Jef With One F's video?  While she knew she was sending Sean The Cyborg Specially Designed For The Bachelorette home, she didn't have a strong enough connection with him to feel truly upset while watching his video to cry.  She didn't cry for Arie because she already knew she was going to choose him in the finale.  But she truly has strong feelings for Jef With One F, but already knew at that point that she was going to pick Arie in the finale, and so she cried.
By the way, this YouTube interview with Sean The Cyborg Specially Designed For The Bachelorette has now convinced me that he would make an excellent Bachelor.  Though I stand by my belief that Jef With One F is still going to be chosen, and would make a better Bachelor.

7:46: I'm pretty excited about watching two hours of Chris Harrison putting on a hosting clinic.

8:02: I've said it once, I'll say it again.  You don't need to introduce yourself, Chris Harrison.  We all know who you are.

8:02: Time for the Chris Harrison Head Nodding Clinic.  This is definitely the drinking game tonight.

8:05: For the record, I have no problem marrying someone and having her call me her "trophy husband".  In fact, I'd love it.

8:06: I'm pretty sure that that was the first ever "I'm proud of you" head nod from Chris Harrison after they talked about how she dealt with Kalon.  I had no idea that it was even possible to have this many different variations and to be able to convey all these emotions with a simple movement of the head.  Head.  Nodding.  Clinic.

8:12: Blooper time!

8:16: I would argue that Chris is still a better dancer than me.

8:19: Wait, those weren't bloopers?

8:26: There's no doubt that Jamie is going to be an FMC on Bachelor Pad.

8:30: In case you forgot, we still don't have an explanation for John's "Wolf" nickname.

8:36: Chris, freaking out?  No way.  I don't believe it.

8:38: "You were offended by a lot of things."  Ryan is an amazing quote machine.

8:40: First "You weren't there for the right reasons" of the night.  I'm not sure we heard that at all this season, which is a rarity.

8:49: Oh Chris Harrison, you are so awesome.

8:52: Sean, is it possible for you to not be perfect for just a second?  Why do you always say and do the right thing?

9:06: I hate to say it, but Ryan needs his own reality show.

9:07: ...and I'd watch it, obviously.

9:17: Anybody else feel like giving Chris an ovation at the end of his interview?

9:24: The word "stoic" comes to mind watching this Sean montage.

9:33: Sean, again with the perfect answer.  Stop it.  Just stop it.

9:37: The serious and concerned head nod from Chris Harrison during the Kalon exchange.  He's the best.


9:48: In case there was any doubt, yes, I will be liveblogging during the two hour finale on Sunday, along with After the Final Rose afterwards.

9:56: Interesting that Arie refers to being a stepfather, while Jef refers to being a father.

9:59: The finale looks pretty epic.  See ya Sunday!

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  1. Did you seriously miss that his name is John "Wolf" Wolfner. Call me crazy, but I think it's pretty obvious why he might be nicknamed's because his last name is Wolfner.
    ps: spoiler alert: Brad wins.


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