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The Bachelor: Episode #6 (Tuesday's Episode)

Since I was not aware that The Bachelor would be doing a special episode on Tuesday this season, I have a scheduling conflict and am unable to do a live-blog.  That doesn't mean I won't be doing a live running blog during the show as I watch it later, though.

Tuesday, 8:15 PM: I have a ball hockey game in a couple of hours, yet the only thing I can think of is how I'm going to miss The Bachelor tonight.

Wednesday, 12:27 AM: I still haven't watched the episode, but to fill that Bachelor sized hole in your heart, here is an amazing over-the-top take on Tierra's performance on Monday.  Just a tremendous effort.

Wednesday, 10:36 PM: There's another episode of The Bachelor on Tuesday in two weeks that I'm going to miss?  Ugh.  There is no God.


Alright, let's try something different.  Since there's no need to do the running diary live, I can pause the show whenever I want.  What does that mean?  Pictures and commentary together!

0:00: Alberta, my home province!

I bet you Alberta Tourism had a hand in making this happen.  Tonight's drinking game: drink any time they mention Alberta, Lake Louise, or Canada.

0:02: Sean just started talking, and he's already mentioned Alberta, Canada, the Canadian Rockies, and Lake Louise.  Only participate in the drinking game with a medical professional present.

0:03: The patented Chris Harrison Hand Gesture As He Speaks manoeuvre.

0:03: FMC Lesley!

0:04: Daniella with hope that she will be getting the 1-on-1 date...

0:04: ...and Daniella after having those hopes dashed.

0:05: Catherine just received the 1-on-1 date and says she is happy to "share this space with him".  I have no idea what this means.

0:08: Actual Sean quote: "Catherine and I are sledding.  We are doing flips.  We're doing somersaults. We're walking on our hands.  We're making snow angels.  This is what I want from a wife."
I want to reiterate what Sean just said - this is a key attribute that Sean wants from his wife:

OK then.

0:08: Catherine just said, "This is like a 4 year old play date."  Yes, sledding, flips, somersaults, walking on your hands, and snow angels would be what 4 year olds do.  Sean is a 4 year old boy trapped in a 29 year old's body.

0:11: Sean is chipping at the ice sculpture to get ice for their drinks.  But look at how dirty the ice is!

Who wants to have that ice in their drink?!

0:12: You're never going to believe this, but Daniella is not happy about being on the group date instead of the 1-on-1.

0:15: Catherine is moving up the power rankings after that story.  It makes sense - Catherine lives in a world of sunshine and rainbows.  Sean is just a big kid.  Wouldn't they be right for one another?

0:24: We're being robbed of Selma in a bathing suit with her not participating...

0:29: ...but at least I get FMC flashing me in a bikini.

0:35: This shot is amazing on so many levels.  Great job by the cameraman.

0:36: No way that Tierra stays in the hotel and skips the nightcap.  But I think we all could have predicted she would have a miraculous recovery from her "hypothermia".

0:37: ...and they just showed the preview of her showing up on the date.

0:40: FMC looks amazing this episode.

0:42: Sarah is making the pitch for Sean to meet her family.  She's the Jim Abbott of The Bachelor.

0:44: Love that right after Lindsay says "She cries wolf a lot", the sound department threw in audio of a wolf's howl as they cut to a shot of the moon.  I've said it a bunch of times, but the editing staff on this show really is the best.

0:47: Lindsay is the professional hot-tubber on the show.  Recall that it's fair game for her to steal Sean away from Tierra since she did the same thing a couple of episodes ago when Sean was about to go to the hot tub with Lindsay and Tierra was crouching outside their door.

0:48: Tierra, not happy about Lesley getting the group date rose.

0:48: Lindsay, not happy about Lesley getting the group date rose.

0:48: Lesley, happy about Lesley getting the group date rose.

0:53: Sarah just said "It's totally OK" as her voice was cracking.  I'm not a psychologist, but I'm going to guess that it's not totally OK.

0:53: Right as Sarah and Sean were going to walk out into the hotel hallway, I wondered, "What happens if there's someone walking through the hallway?"  Apparently the answer is to hide in a doorway.  Look at the person in blue!

0:56: Sarah says she doesn't want guys telling her how great she is and what she deserves "forever" as they break up with her.  She's 26.

1:11: I want to meet Dez's parents after she told the story about them living in a tent growing up.  We should get a chance since she should still be around for the hometown dates...

1:16: Selma with the line of the episode regarding Tierra: "Let's be honest.  You're going to wife that?"  Amazing.

1:17: Shame, Selma, SHAME!

1:18: Selma: "I had to bring out the big guns tonight."  Yes, you did.

1:22: I am not surprised that AshLee is a professional organizer, whatever that is.

1:25: Compare with the picture at the beginning of the episode.  It appears that Chris Harrison got a Canadian haircut.  Also, the patented Chris Harrison Hand Gesture As He Speaks manoeuvre.

1:28: With two cuts to come, there's no way that Daniella gets a rose.  And she knows it.  Note that she's making the same face here as she did at 0:12 when she found out she wasn't getting a 1-on-1 date.

1:30: And the Tierra drama continues for another week.

1:32: Note the shriek-y excitement when the U.S. Virgin Islands was announced as the next destination.  That sure as hell didn't happen for Montana two weeks ago.

1:34: "Promotional consideration provided by Travel Alberta and Banff Lake Louise Tourism."  Ya think?

Any thoughts on which format you enjoyed more - the live running blog during the show, or a recap a week later with screenshots and commentary?

New Power Rankings:
1. Dez
2. Lesley
3. Lindsay
4. Catherine
5. AshLee

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