Sunday, February 03, 2013

This Year's Absurd Super Bowl Prop Bets

Would you like to bet on Alicia Keys' hair choice?  How about Beyonce's outfit colour?  Maybe a Jay-Z appearance during Beyonce's halftime show?  These are among the many absurd Super Bowl bets available available for everybody to wager on today.

Anybody know Beyonce's personal stylist?  Wouldn't mind getting some insider info...

Quick explanation on the odds: -160 means you bet 160 to win 100 (while receiving your original 160 back).  +160 means you bet 100 to win 160 (while receiving your original 100 back).

Accidentally cut off from the "Who will the MVP thank first" wager: Teammates (+275), Owners (+900), The Fans (+750).

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