Friday, December 23, 2011

Hong Kong Day 15: Betty is as Betty does

Today began with collecting my Hong Kong ID card and ended with a dinner with my mom's old boss.  In between, I opened a bank account so that I could collect HK$6000 (my favourite part of the website is that the official English name of the program is "Scheme $6,000").

We had visited a couple of weeks prior but were turned away because they would not accept my temporary Hong Kong ID card.  The same teller - a girl in her mid 20s - recognized us and welcomed us back to the branch.  After she helped us through the process, my parents and I sat down on a couch about fifteen feet away but still within visual distance.  This, of course, gave Betty a chance to do what she does best.

Betty (eyeing the teller): She was really nice.
Me (Heeeeeere we go): Uh-huh.
Betty (still eyeing): Seems like a good person.
Me (I wonder how long she's going to beat around the bush): Yep.
Betty (pretending to read through some bank brochures): I think she's pretty.  Do you think she's pretty?
Me (Almost there...): Yes.
Betty (looks at me): I think she'd make a good wife.
Me (...and there it is.): Too bad I'm leaving in a week.

Upcoming for Day 16-18: A cousin's wedding (I'm not going to lie, I haven't seen this cousin in 11 years and wouldn't know her if I bumped into her on the street), followed by my return to Macau for another two night stay.

Actual hugs 3, non-hug greetings 22

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