Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hong Kong Day 21: I'm on a boat!

The day started with a trip to Aberdeen for lunch on one of their boat restaurants.
Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Since these restaurants are literally on the water, they have a variety of seafood dishes.
Noodles in crab meat soup

Afterwards, we went to Stanley, a tourist attraction near a beach on the other side of Hong Kong Island.  At this point, I turned amateur photographer.  I'm multi-talented like that.
My attempt to be artsy with the overhanging leaves

My attempt to be artsy with the couple on the right and the family on the left

My attempt to be artsy with the couple on the right.  I've thought about it, and I've decided that taking a picture of a couple I don't know in an embrace is not at all creepy.

Probably the best picture I'll ever take.  If it's considered mediocre because it doesn't follow some sort of photography rule, well, there's a reason I'm not a photographer.

After the photoshoot, we went for some good 'ol fashioned hot pot.  It was pretty much the last thing on my to do east list in Hong Kong, so I've officially exhausted all the various ways to turn into a fatty here.

Following dinner, we went up to the Peak for a quick tour.
The view from The Peak

Since it was rather late and we were at the top of the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island, it was windy and a bit chilly.  Betty, being the total mom that she is, started freaking out about it getting cold, and told me to put on a sweater vest that we had brought along.  I answered with my typical "I'm from Edmonton, I wear what I'm currently wearing out when it's 0 C outside" answer.  Could I appease her and put on the sweater vest?  Sure, but that's no fun.  It's way more fun to watch Betty get into a tizzy over something like this.  She started nagging me louder and louder - remember, we're still in a public tourist attraction - until she was practically yelling at me to put on the sweater vest in front of a bunch of strangers.  She was in such a hurry to get this sweater on me that she tried to convince me to put it on over my jacket, which a) would look ridiculous, and b) probably doesn't do a lot in terms of keeping me warm.  Finally, I relented to the sweater vest, though I knew I was going to put it on the entire time but refused to do so to see my mom get all worked up.  By this time, my mom was in such a frenzy that she decided to help me put on a sweater vest at a major tourist attraction in front of a bunch of strangers.  Just picture a grown man being scolded by her mom to put on a sweater vest, followed by her helping the grown man put on a sweater vest.  Betty's the best.

Did I try to push it even further?  Of course I did.

Unfortunately, Betty declined my request to zip up the sweater vest for me.

Actual hugs 3.5, non-hug greetings 26

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