Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hong Kong Day 7: Icancomehomeandgowithyou, Icancomehomeandgowithyou, Icancomehomeandgowithyou, Icancomehomeandgowithyou

Who had Day 7 in "The Chantastic Allergies Finally Succumbs to Poor Air Quality" Pool?

The first order of business for the day was taking care of more government applications (I'm finally done), followed by a fitting of a partially made suit from my measurements of Day 2 (the suit is being rushed because I have a wedding to go to on Christmas Eve).  After a quick lunch, I went home to take a Little Chan and recover from my allergies.

When I woke up, I had to navigate the bus and subway system to meet my parents for dinner.  Did I mention I had to do this during rush hour?  I was nearly squished to death.  If you're claustrophobic, you best not visit Hong Kong, and you definitely should steer clear of any public transportation during rush hour.

Anyway, I successfully met up with my parents (despite my dad's concern, who phoned me and said "I can come home and go with you" literally four different times during a one minute conversation) and we walked over to a restaurant for dinner with some distant relatives.

Did anyone parlay their Day 7 in "The Chantastic Allergies Finally Succumbs to Poor Air Quality" bet with Day 7 in "The Mediocre Chantastic Chopstick Skills Finally Leads to Dirty Clothes" bet?  Sauce splattered all over my shirt even though none of the food actually did as I somehow caught it in my hand.  Fortunately, my parents have been without the privilege of spoiling me for over half a year, so the first thing my dad did was wash the shirt when we arrived home.  And yes, I most definitely just said that it's a privilege to spoil me.  Future Mrs. Chan, please take note.

The itinerary for Day 8: A trek over to the far side of the island to visit the area where my late grandmother is interred, followed by a visit with my uncle, shoe shopping (time permitting), and (you guessed it) another family dinner.

Actual hugs 3, Non-hug greetings 20 (this doesn't include the nine distant relatives I met today)

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