Friday, December 30, 2011

Hong Kong Day 22: Visiting the presidents

Since I'm leaving in two days, the day started off with my stuff being packed.  And by my stuff being packed, I mean I slept in while my mom packed my stuff.  If Betty is going to be a total mom, who am I to say no to being spoiled?

After picking up my Hong Kong passport (finally, all of my document craziness has been settled), we went for a quick wonton noodle lunch at a popular restaurant.  As we were eating, the couple next to us (for the record, a Chinese couple) asked for a knife and fork.  I'm not sure how or why anyone would need a knife and fork to eat some wonton noodles, but it didn't matter since the reply was "We don't have any here".  Touch√©.

Having satisfied our hunger, we made our way over to my mom's old colleague's business.  Turns out he does frame work...and and also doubles as an art dealer.  And he definitely has some interesting art pieces.
Why is Jimmy Carter standing by himself?

After chatting for a bit, we did the Chantastic tour of my old neighborhoods.  Where I lived in Hong Kong before coming to Canada, where my former daycare/nanny lived, the schools my parents had picked for me if I had stayed in Hong Kong, my dad's old high school, the whole nine yards.

Having finished the Chantastic family tour, I went for, yep, another family dinner with numerous uncles and aunts.
My drink, of course, would be the one on the left, known as the "Pink Lady"

After dinner, we went home.  I stopped off at the corner store because my parents wanted to grab something - see, I'm not spoiled all the time - and when I returned to our apartment building, I found my mom in the lobby with the concierge guy vacuuming some blankets in a plastic bag.  It turns out that Betty had had some trouble fitting the new comforter and silk covering she had bought for me into my suitcase (note to all the FMCs out there: if you spend the night, you get to sleep with silk on your skin), so she decided to suck out all the air with a vacuum, and then kept the air out with a knot.  In other words, she was vacuum sealing part of my luggage with a vacuum cleaner.  And it actually worked!  Betty's the best.

Plans for Day 22, my final full day in Hong Kong: a bunch of relatives and I are going to take a ride on a famous cable car tourist attraction here.  Again, I'm afraid of heights, so this could get interesting.  Also on tap is a dinner with the art framing guy and some other of my mom's old colleagues.  Strangely, no finite plans for the countdown have been made.  My parents might be in bed by that time.  Talk about an anticlimactic finish to the trip.

Actual hugs 3.5, non-hug greetings 27 (I've entered the farewell phase of my trip, and received a handshake from an aunt tonight)

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